Updated and additional Payment policy * Ordering of services * Additional Information

Information concerning our payment policy:

1   To start designing your website, you agree to pay “Kingllusion Computers Ltd” in full for products and services rendered.

2    Before Kingllusion starts working on a customer's website, we require a 75% deposit which is used to pay for the customers' sites
      domain registration/ hosting.

3    Once Kingllusion has completed the design and uploaded the website to the internet, we send our customers the final invoice
      and the balance of payment (25%) is due with immediate effect. Kingllusion does however; give the customers a few days grace.

4    If the payment is not received within 3-6 days, we then have no option but to completely remove your website from the Internet.
      Your website will then only be restored, once we have received notification that your payment has been deposited into our account
       + reconection fee.

5   Any unpaid fees that are due that go beyond 30 days, you give Kingllusion Computer Ltd the right to take ownership of your website,
     domain and hosting.

6    We really don't like to do this, but it has to be done.

7    The same procedure will take place all times we see ourselves in a position where we have to take  action due to non- or late payment.

8    If our customer fails in delivery after ordering a service from us, there is no refund of money that might  have been paid in the process.

Information as part of the service contract you ask for in this moment you order one/some of our services like DESIGN / MAINTENANCE / HOSTING:

9    Before we start to design your new site please make sure that you provide us with all contents in Word Documents,
      all Pictures/Photographs as jpegs, and all special wishes you have when it comes to design as color, widths of the site etc.

10  Our customers have a period of 5 working days following delivery of the final Website during which the customer may proofread the
      site in order for not functioning Hyperlinks etc.
•    It is not possible at that stage to add more content or change the design.
•    After that period of 5 days the customer does accept the Site.
•    After the period of 5 days all further actions are looked at as maintenance and are subject of payment.
•    For maintenance you can sign up for a monthly or an annual service. 
      Hourly rate N6000. Monthly rate N30,000. Yearly rate N150,000.

Additional Information:
11   Herewith our customers know that we include a Hyperlink leading to our company’s Website to all  kingllusioncomputers.com designed websites.
       N20,000 to remove our website link from your site.

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